Bring on the Best South Asian Games Ever!

The Saigon Gaels Gaelic Football Club has been given the amazing honour of hosting the South Asian Games this year on the 20th of May at RMIT University, Saigon, Vietnam.

There will be over twenty teams travelling from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Hong Kong to play Irish football and hurling. We are expecting over three hundred people to attend on the day along with many local supporters and international sponsors to add an extra special touch to the games.

Of course, the Saigon Gaels are determined to not just be the hosts this year but the champions too!

Last year at the Bangkok games, the Saigon Gaels Ladies’ A team reached the semi-finals. This year, the goal is to win the tournament with old and new players becoming shining stars; perfecting solos, hand passes and always ensuring excellent team work on the pitch!

The Saigon Men’s Team are ready to get the goals and points flowing again following their win of the Junior Plate last year in Bangkok.

Everyone is  welcome to come and enjoy a day filled with sport, laughs, team bonding, celebrating and sweating! Don’t forget to support our local charities on the day too! See you there!