The Saigon Gaels have been a regular feature on the Asian Gaelic Football tournament fixture for the past 8 years. Initially started as a touring club, our men’s team regularly participated in the South Asian Games and Asian Gaelic Games, along with regular friendly games with other teams in the region.

In 2013, Siobhan Synnott and Laura Brown decided it was time for a women’s Gaelic Football team in Saigon, and the ladies team was born. The Gaels were primarily a women’s club for a few years, with the men joining in for tournaments such as the South Asian Games and the Central Vietnam Games, as well as regular friendly matches with the Vietnam Swans AFL Club. However, an influx of Irish to the fine city of Saigon in 2016 saw that change, with the men’s team getting up and running again, training weekly alongside the women. Our Club now has around 60 active members, with twice-weekly training and regular participation in games and tournaments in the region.

We are an extremely diverse and welcoming club, with players from Ireland, Australia, Vietnam, the US, England, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and France. Many of our players had never heard of Gaelic Football before joining the club, and we are proud to say that some of our top players are from non-Irish backgrounds!

2017 is a huge year for the Gaels as we prepare to host the 2017 South Asian Games in May, and join the newly-formed Ladies League alongside Thailand, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

We always welcome new players, so feel free to get in touch and join Saigon’s best sporting club!